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Red Apple Vixen is excited to offer 2 monthly mystery boxes!

The first box is Red Apple, which is sweet, cute, and wholesome. 

The other box is the Vixen.  The Vixen is just how she sounds.  Just a little bit spicy, snarky, and there may be some cussing involved!  

Each box is totally different!  

Orders open on the first of the month and will close on the 15th.  Mystery boxes will ship out by the 20th of the month (if the 20th of the month lands on a holiday or a Sunday, the box will be mailed out the next business day), so you'll have your box in time to rock the whole month of June!

Only 5 available of each box!  Don't wait!  You're gonna love it!  


If your mystery box order includes any other items from Red Apple Vixen Boutique, the entire order will ship out on the 20th.

Returns are not accepted on box items. If a size does not fit, we will exchange it for another size, if the item is still in stock! If not, gift it!


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2 products

  • April 2022 Red Apple Box

  • April 2022 Vixen Mystery Box

  • May 2022 Red Apple Mystery Box


  • May 2022 Vixen Mystery Box